National puppy day -Finding a good breeder

On National puppy day I want to highlight the importance of finding a good breeder. Many puppies are now being imported or puppy farmed here. Fashionable breeds and crosses such as cockapoos, French bulldogs etc. are vulnerable to this.  Once you have decided on the breed you want and made sure it fits in with your lifestyle etc you need to find a good breeder.  These tips will help you.

  • You can find a breeder on the breed council websites and also the Kennel Club (but remember just because the dogs are registered it does not mean they are always good)
  • Call the breeder before you arrange to see the puppies- ask them how long have they been breeding for? What have your other litters been like? How many dogs you have there? Good breeders are happy to speak to you and tell you all about their dogs and won’t evade your questions.
  • Ask the breeder what health checks have been done? Dogs can carry genetic problems and these vary breed to breed. You can check what checks are recommended on the Kennel Club site and breed council websites. If buying a cross breed that does not mean they should not be checked, check both dogs e.g. cocker spaniel and poodle and ensure parents have been checked. Hip scores are often recommended in most mid to giant breeds of dogs. Check the paperwork when you visit.
  • When you arrange to see the breeder before you go in and look if you feel uneasy, does the place look nice is there anything that makes you think twice. If so trust your gut walk away.
  • Make sure you always see mum with the puppies- if you don’t see mum do not buy no good breeder will ever get anyone to sell their puppies for them
  • When you do see mum look how she behaves with the puppies and how do they behave with her. Do they greet her or look like they do not know her? Does she look like she has been feeding them? Do her boobs look bigger? Puppy traders and farmers have dogs on show as mum and dad but they are actually no relation to the puppies.
  • Does everywhere look clean? When you handle the puppies do they have that lovely “puppy smell” (when you smell it you knowJ) or do the smell dirty.
  • If you do get to see dad great but often dad is not there so ask questions about him. The breeder should know exactly what the father of the puppies is like.
  • Ask when the puppies were last wormed weighed etc. The breeder will have recorded this.
  • Ask the breeder what the puppies have been socialised with?
  • If you feel sorry for the puppy do not buy it. If conditions are bad do not think you are rescuing this puppy there will be another filling its place.
  • DO NOT EVER BUY FROM A PET SHOP OR MEET ANYONE ANYWHERE TO PICK UP A PUPPY- these puppies are often sick and due to bad experiences often end up having behaviour issues.

If we stop buying from puppy farmers, traders and poor backstreet breeders there will be no business for themPuppies

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