Brutus Cancer Story

Brutus was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma which is the most common form of bone cancer, in February 2017 at the age of 6.  He suddenly went lame at Christmas 2016 when he refused to jump in the van. There was no noticeable reason as to why and with rest the lameness didn’t improve. On the night, I decided he needs to go to the vet as he stretched his leg and screamed in pain and took the weight completely off the leg. He then has an x-ray which showed a greying of the bone in the ball of the hip. He went on to have a cone biopsy which came back inconclusive.

He was referred to Davies Veterinary specialist which confirmed my worse fear. The following day he had the ball of the hip removed where the tumour was in a bid to save the leg. Unfortunately, this did not work as 2 weeks later he slipped and fractured the femur. Then only option was to amputate or pts. I decided to amputate the leg which was performed by my vet Andreas at Vets and Pets in Nazing. When he removed the leg, he said the bone didn’t feel as strong as it should be and the cancer could have been responsible for weakening the entire bone.  Following the amputation, he contracted a nasty narcosis infection.