Dog Walking

I offer professional dog walking services for all breeds of dogs in and around the Enfield area on a long or short term basis. Between the hours of 9 am-3 pm your dog’s individual needs will be considered and walks will be tailored to suit you and your dog(s). For sociable dogs who are able to show that they can be recalled on command we are happy to allow them to walk off the lead. For others we will use a soft long lead or shorter lead as required and exercise at a pace that they are comfortable with. I ensure that dogs are compatible before they walk together and will only let them off the lead if I have your express permission and I am confident you dog will come back to me.

Home Visits & Small Pet Feeding

By visiting your pets at home it means that they can stay in surroundings in which they feel content, secure and still meet their needs.  If your meetings are running late or you just can’t make it home in time for lunch or dinner or simply want to enjoy a night or day out I can stop by and make sure that your pet is comfortable until you get home. This is service is perfect for puppies who haven’t had their final vaccinations and need more attention during the day.  Whether you need me to pop in and check up on them or stay for an hour or two, you can relax knowing that they are safe and happy.  

Pet Sitting 

Having a Break? We all enjoy a good holiday but the worry of leaving your pet behind can take the shine away. I offer a personalised Home Pet Sitting service looking after your pets in their own surroundings and following their own routines.  By staying in your home I can minimise the level of stress that your pet feels in your absence. Whilst many kennels are reputable, what could be nicer for your dog to be in their own home environment being pampered and fussed? I will even send you regular updates to reassure you, so you can relax and enjoy your break.

I also provide services for our smaller furry friends. If you’re going away and you need someone to look after the cat, feed and clean out the rabbit, mice, gerbils or hamster etc. then look no further!  I will visit them as many times as you need during the day to ensure that they are fed, watered and kept comfortable.

And, should you require, I’m happy to pick up the mail, switch on/off lights and draw the curtains/blinds to help maintain the security of your home while I’m there.


Does your dog pull your arm out of your socket? Does your dog run away in the park? I provide one to one training for these sort of issues. If you would like me to spend some working with your dog alone or to join you for a one to one training session I will help to turn your hound from hell into a perfect pooch.


Dog Walking

Group Dog Walking for dogs who can be walked with others to a maximum of 5 dogs:

  • 1 dog from per hour walk £12

  • 2 dogs from per hour walk £18

Separated walks for dogs who are not comfortable with being walked within a group environment

  • 1 dog per hour walk £20

  • 2 dogs from same household £24

Prices include pick up, a minimum of 1 hours walk, towel dry if necessary, return home.

Home Visits

Prices start from £8 per visit

Or for hour + visits price will be given on booking

Home Pet Sitting

Prices start from £28 per night

How safe is your pet? Or Good to Know

Like you, your pets’ safety and welfare is paramount to me. Please know:

  • I work alone. Whilst I have close connections with other people in the business and I am happy to recommend others should I not be able to assist you, I will build a relationship with you and your dog to ensure your dog’s safety and well-being.

  • All dogs are transported securely in my purpose fitted van.

  • No dogs will be walked together until I have assessed their temperaments and can ensure they will get along.

  • No dog will be let off lead unless I am confident your dog will come back to me and I have your written permission.

  • Whilst I charge for walking by the hour, at times we might be out for longer if we are having fun. This hour doesn’t include pick up and drop off times.

  • If the weather is extremely hot or cold I reserve the right to cut the walk sort if I deem it to be within your dog’s best interest.

  • I politely request to be advised immediately if a pet is diagnosed with a contagious infection, parasite/fleas or is showing any signs of illness so that I can walk the dog alone and keep him isolated to ensure the welfare of other dogs in my care.

  • If your bitch comes into season she will be walked separately from other dogs until the season is over.

  • If your dog is unsociable, I am happy to walk muzzled dogs.

  • Unlike many walkers, I have full business insurance for my protection and your own.